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Hello. My name's Daniel and I come from Germany. I'm a student in International Marketing in Germany. Before that, I worked for 7 months as an au pair in Lossiemouth, Scotland, so that I could master the English language. During that time I was really determined to improve my English. My host family, as well as my friends, recommended English4Moray.First, Angela Innes and I spoke about my goals, the structure of the course and what topics I was interested in so we could work on relevant topics.
The course was always fun, lively and exciting - it was never boring!!! Angela Innes organised the course so that I always learnt something new and could learn more about a topic eg narrative tenses.
Furthermore, Angela gave me books and CD's so that I could widen my horizons if I wanted.
She is a very friendly, competent and open minded teacher who cares for her students and brings out the maximum in them. She was even able to inspire me to learn Scottish phrases and vocabulary.
In 7 months I learned : verb tenses [ from past to future], modal verbs, business English etc.
My English has improved dramatically. With English4Moray's help I'm one of the best in my year group. Without English4Moray I wouldn't have succeeded in my exam in Business English. Because of that I'm sincerely grateful.