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Teaching Staff

My name is Angela Innes and I teach English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) in Moray.

I have an accredited and internationally recognised TESOL qualification.

My experience includes teaching ESOL for The Workers Educational Association and working as an ESOL tutor and ESOL initial assessor for The Moray Council.

I also have a BA in Psychology and before I trained as an ESOL teacher, I worked as a professional Careers Adviser for over 22 years in the Moray and Grampian areas and have a post-graduate Diploma in Career Guidance. I am also qualified to teach literacies to adult learners and have a PDA:ITALL. In addition, I have a qualification in Counselling - COSCA Certificate in Counselling.

I am Scottish and I also speak a little Russian and French.


Angela Innes
ESOL Teacher